Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mt. Olympus, revisited

So, I've been on a light and fast kick (or in my case light and slow), and since I just got back from a slack vacation and am slightly on the pneumonia end of a sickness, I figured I'd get in my spring (hmm... July 7th) ascent of Mt. Olympus via the normal route.

The Normal route for me (I decided today for standardized purposes) starts in the parking lot of Dan's Market on Wasatch at 3900 South (Barbacoa to be exact), head down Wasatch Blvd, up to the West Slabs via the Exum Rap route, then via the North Ridge to the Saddle, through the saddle to the Summit, touch the mail box and then descend via the trail to Wasatch, and finally back to Dan's Market.

I only took two pictures today, but I'll add some old ones. I started a good alpine start of about 8:00am and past 6 people (they where on their way down, not up) who gave me funny looks. One guy even said 'solo?' and all I responded with was yes, before passing by.

One of the humorous things about this trip was that I've been living at about 11000ft for the last 2 weeks so you'd think I had strong lungs. Well, today I was at my aerobic threshold, or slightly over it all the way up. Dumb, so much for acclimatization. This however doesn't mean I was setting any speed records, just breathing a lot.

The other fun (after the fact) part of the trip was I found a friend just off the top of the West slabs waiting for me, who was very quiet. See photo.

Here are the stats.
Water: 2.5 liters
Gu: 6 1 oz packets (used 4)
Climbing shoes
wind coat
patagonia base layer long sleve
running shorts
Merril's version of the Minimus running shoes

Car to car: 5 hours 12 minutes 20 seconds

Hopefully I will cut off a good hour of this time at the end of the season, or maybe Andy will cut it in half. I think the key to reducing the time is getting the in between route down. The section between the top of the Slabs to the Summit is always the slowest and most difficult to navigate, with a little work this could be much faster.


  1. Although I am sure you are talking of another Andy, I do wish that it was me who would be pushing to cut that time in half. It would seem that my recent training for such an event would make me fall a bit short. The only Mts I have been climbing are that of people piled up at every place I would like to go. And the peaks I've submitted are only ones of the interpersonal persuasion.

    Carry on KP.
    I'll meet you at Barbacoa one of these days yet!

  2. Alas, you are not the Andy, but it would be just as fun if you where. Check out or something close to that for 'the other Andy.' He just set a record on the Grand Teton, 5 hours 17 minutes (thats 3 minutes shorter than my Olympus). See you in town if a few month eh?

  3. I think you will!
    We'll be in at least for Zak and Tracy's big to-do and if all goes well maybe a time or two before then. might have a work option, if they decide to move it forward.

    I'll go look at this guys blog. That is a pretty amazing summit.

    Flying out to LA any time soon?

  4. Here is Jared Campbell's June ascent of the West slabs route. Not exactly the same but clearly, much faster than anything I will ever do.... sick!

  5. Here is the detailed route write up.