Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 tips for developing speed, endurance, and top CR's on Strava

This summer I transitioned from cycling to running after a number of years focused on cycling.  As I get older and life gets busier I've developed a strict training method for getting fast and going far... fast.  If your not a runner, most of these things can translate really well to cycling too, just insert 'cycling' where 'running' is mentioned.  Here are my top 10 tips:

1.) Tapering is for sissies.  Tapering requires meeting training goals, especially your pre-peak week.

2.)  Speed work is clearly for people with a max heart rate over 200.

3.)  Lube for the short runs, not the long ones.  Lube is an excellent way to stop discomfort in a number of places when you spend a lot of time running, especially the feet for runners and the you know where for cyclist.

4.)  Similar to number 3, if you have a super motivational running partner, make sure and leave him out of the long days, and bring him along for the shorts.

5.)  One of my personal favorites, plan for 10 miles and the run 30 miles.  This way you can experience things like hallucinations, dehydration, low glucose, and of course peeing rocks- with out all the hype of an ultra.

6.)  The best time for a beer is never the end of the run, why wait?  I prefer mine at the beginning.

7.)  Gu's and electrolyte mix is expensive, try an alternative like McDonald's fries and a coke.  All the same ingredients (plus a few bonus's) at a fraction of the cost.

8.)  If you're having a hard time getting out of the bottom two thirds on your favorite segments(on Strava), stuck somewhere between the geriatrics and the biggest looser (before, not the after) Try starting your own segment in a uncommon location, something like a freeway close to downtown.
Isn't the whole reason segments exist is so someone slow like us can have the CR for a day?

9.) If number 8 fails you, the  last resort is riding your bike while in running mode on Strava.

10.)  Finally, make sure to show up to every big event with the newest tech gadgets and gear.  When you make new friends be sure to throw in key words like hill repeats, interval training, V02 max, lactate threshold, PR, CR and stride development, as well as your latest power estimate (times 3 or 4).  Always make sure to note some of your training buddies who happen to be sponsored by such and such(insert newest hip company like Lulu Lemon).

Hopefully these tips have been very helpful.  If you'd like more information on the details of my training program for the moderately unsuccessful feel free to contact me at anytime.  Chances are I'll be out running on a freeway somewhere...

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